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AC一一Cube lce, Half Cube lce, large Cube Ice
Cube lce, Half Cube lce, large Cube Ice

The thickness of ice can be adjustable and using convenient to meet difference customer requirement.

M:Cube ice
Water content:5%
S:Half cube ice
Water content:5%
L:Large cube ice
Water content:5%


A) Classic hexagon of ice, with large contact space for quickly cooling of beverage.
B) Front type of ice evaporator plate. water flowing from the front ice plate to make ice. Simple operation easy maintenance.
C) Tho vertical copper of ice。plate, fast cooling efficiency. reduce energy lost, save electricity and water.
D) Cube ice, half cube ice, large cube ice is available, apply for hotel, restau¬rant, cafe, convenience store, beverage shop and so on.

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