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AS一一Flake lce, Nugget Ice, Pearl Ice
Flake lce, Nugget Ice, Pearl Ice

Flake ice, nuggetr ice, pearl ice is too small to quickly coolenduer product temperarure, reduce water loss.

F:Flake ice
Water content:15%
N:Nugget ice
Water content:8%
P:Pearl ice
Water content:5%


A)  Nugget ice is soft and high water content than cube ice, especially apply for seafood、cafeteria.
B)  Rotary extrusion pearl ice is soft than cube ice and can be used as chew - ing ice, especially suitable for cola, soda, cocktail and so on. Water flowing through the evaporator and freezes in an instant, rotary.
C)  Tho vertical copper of ice。plate, fast cooling efficiency. reduce energy lost, save electricity and water.

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